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photo courses

01 T189.jpg

i was delighted to get my results back for the Open University course i did last year.  you can read about it here  I was pleased to get 97% !  These photos were my final portfolio

02 T189.jpg

03 T189.jpg

04 T189.jpg

i should also thank all you kind readers and even kinder commenters who have encouraged me taking photos.  i’m simply loving all the comments at the moment – they are the funniest bit of the blog i recon.

05 T189.jpg

06 T189.jpg

07 T189.jpg

08 T189.jpg

09 T189.jpg

10 T189.jpg

i’m now thinking of doing this course at the Open College of Arts  Would anyone be interested in enrolling at the same time to swap notes as we go through and each save £100 on the fees ?  could be good fun to have a group of us doing it at the same time. 

drop me an email if you are interested. enthusiasm more important than skill – the less you know the more you’ll learn !


4 thoughts on “photo courses”

  1. Mega-congrats FP!
    97% is something to be hugely proud of.
    I shall have to be more erudite in my comments.
    Is it a bottle of bubbly for all the family tonight?

  2. Well done FP! There are some truly great photos here. My personal fave is the ice cream incident. A mundane yet tragic scene captured beautifully.

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