thames path – part 15 days lock to wallingford


i had a day off work yesterday so we could head back to the thames path.


our last outing was in October due to flooding etc. it was still very wet under foot.  but rather than soaking, it was muddy and slidey which made walking tricky


this was our first glimpse of the thames again.  note


kezia brought her camera with her and took this picture of geese


there was a geocache on this bridge


and this is the view from near where we had out picnic


there’s a geocache under this bridge only accessible with scuba kit (bollards don’t count)


a kite did some acrobatics above our heads just as my camera batteries died in the cold


here’s a jetty at benson


when we finally got to wallingford, chris and i took kezia to the pub whilst the other ladies recovered our car from the starting point.  chris wore his hat in the pub and they told him to take it off.  i guess he looked too much like a hooligan youth type.


6 thoughts on “thames path – part 15 days lock to wallingford”

  1. What is everyone shouting/singing in the top pic?
    Those “geese” look more like swans.
    Doesn’t the inflexible enforcement of the “no baseball caps” rule annoy you? I’d never go back to that pub if they made my father-out-law remove his cap.

  2. rascle – ???
    vin –
    “thames path”.
    nah. it was quite funny actually. the beer/surroundings were nice so we stayed put (for a couple of hours!)

  3. vin – “thames path”. ooops.
    it was quite funny actually – the beer/surroundings were nice so we stayed put (for a couple of hours!)
    rascle – too me a while as i thought you were talking about plants on the move again

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