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are you smarter than a 10 year old ?


remember jane, esther and me went to see Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old ?  Well, the episodes we were on are now showing.  we were on the end part of last Sunday’s one and should be on all of this coming week’s episode and the one after.  You can play online here


jane is very clear (especially if you’ve got HD apparently).  and i only turn up if the contestants move out the way !


(by the way, i edited the picture above so you can see me – it doesn’t appear like this in the real show.  although that would make a nice ‘red button’ feature).

finally, some of you will know i work for the company that shows this program (clue on the screen).  I’ve got some half price staff offers for friends and family if you haven’t already got our method of watching TV (and another upgrade offer for someone who has).  if you are interested let me know asap.  deadline is 16th Nov so be quick !

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