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posh picnic

we’ve recently got a fancy posh picnic kit which involves proper plates, knife and forks and a table cloth (and a few other bits and bobs).
it had its first outing yesterday. we had cloudy lemonade (made from real clouds)
and strawberries and cream


2 thoughts on “posh picnic”

  1. Ooo… I’ve always wanted one of those. Are they worth it and would you use it again, do you think? I did wonder whether they might be a bit of a one hit wonder…

  2. well, we do picnic lots, so we will use it, but probably in places where we know the walk to the picnic destination (and back to the car) is shortish.
    for example, we didn’t use it on the thames path today as we already have a rucksack each to carry
    but we would use it when we go to National Trust places as they have nice picnicing places.
    And i got it as a bargain in a 2 for the price of one offer,which meant we got a free high quality colour coordinated picnic rug !

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