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utah star car

Julie sent me this photo with this email:
“I took this picture this morning while leaving the dentist’s office. I think I am getting better at finding odd things all over the place. I think I would have taken a better picture if I was a few feet to the right but I was in my car at the time with another car pulling out of a parking spot and was about to come behind me. You can use this picture if you want. It’s a recent ambition of mine (for the past 7 or 8 months) to take a picture I thought was good enough to send to you, and one that you would use. If this one isn’t good enough I will just keep trying.”
It took me a while to realise why this is such a fantastic picture. it’s worth studying. julie took in the picture in Utah, USA so you UK drivers will have to thing the other way round.
i can’t say i recommend moving car based photography (if you are driving at the same time) but julie’s done a good job !


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