4 thoughts on “cranes”

  1. Good morning FP.
    I have a thought.
    You leave piccies on the blog for one week.
    So why not have a “Piccy of the week” vote.
    Once a week – say every Wednesday- ask viewers to vote the most ‘****’ picture, and (if we like, ‘why’)
    I say Wednesday, because it would minimise the number of people who miss a Monday or a Friday, and thus possibly miss a weekend of picture.
    I say ‘****’ because I don’t know what word best to use. Whatever word is put in steers the choice.
    I almost say ‘je ne ce quoi’ but even that has a connotation.
    Any way how about it as an idea??

  2. it’s a nice idea – though i’ve no idea technically how to do it ! it’d be best to automate it of course.
    i do like the idea of a ‘best of’ digest, but it’s difficult to work out how to manage it with the amount of pictures i post.
    and my idea of best-of is usually different from everyone else’s (which is another reason i like your idea) !
    i’ll have a think and if anyone can think of a technical way to do this, let me know.

  3. Good idea, but does this “best piccy” include title and text? Because often THEY make the taste of the day, not the picture alone! If so, i would like to vote.

  4. Thanks for the support jokey, and I agree. I can go along with “Best post of the week”
    Get your techno-brain ticking FP.

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