this morning

i walked past the This Morning studios on the way to a meeting this morning.
this lady was sitting on a wobbly chair in a rain coat
and this man was topless jogging
i’ve no idea who they were or why. but they are probably someone vaguely famous otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered filming them. although they could be just turning up for an interview (read this)

4 thoughts on “this morning”

  1. I can help here, as I happened to see this while at Ealing Magistrates Court waiting to go into the witness box. The woman in the wobbly chair was trying to win ten grand for a viewer by not spilling any liquid from an oversized cup while the chair wobbled increasingly wildly for 10 seconds. Then the amount remaining was measured and it turned out she had spilt only a monkey’s worth, so the lucky viewer trousered 9,500 quid.

  2. It’s quite spooky that you were there because as I watched it I thought of you, fp, having seen your other photos taken there. At the end of the “challenge” they swung the camera round and showed the watching passers-by, so you should have stuck around and been on TV.

  3. i think i must have only been there for the preview bit as i overheard the lady in the chair saying “so i have to come back later and do this again”.
    if it wasn’t for my job and having to attend meetings i would have happily sat there all day.

  4. What? you mean sat on the wobbly chair all day? – actually, we should all attend meetings with our own wobbly chairs – it’d probably aid wakefulness 🙂

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