test transmission – the first funkypancake video podcast

here is the first funkypancake video podcast (suitable for video ipods and watchable in itunes). how very modern.
this is more of an experiment than anything else. there’s plenty i can improve on if i do another.
anyway, let me know what you think.

download here (you might have to right click and ‘save as’):
video ipod: funkypancake_test1.m4v (3.1MB)
windows media player: funkypancake_test1.wmv (1.7MB)

Improved version of these are here


5 thoughts on “test transmission – the first funkypancake video podcast”

  1. Very nice to hear you. You have a radio-friendly voice. You could be a radio presenter if the day-job ever loses its appeal.

  2. It’s good to hear your reasons why you pick certain photos. You’ve got a very good eye for the mundane. Keep it up.
    Great website!

  3. I like it! – it’s like one of those bupa ads, but with the rubbishness taken out! – yep, it’s a winner – maybe with the ‘Gallery’ music from ‘Vision On/ Take Hart’ added. There’s a loop of it on the itiswhatitis.co.uk site (funky t shirts). Listen to it by clicking my name (i think!) More vodcasts pls!

  4. thanks for your encouragement everyone ! the ‘gallery’ music would be great, but i suspect it’s copyrighted.
    gotta keep things street legal.
    but i’ve added background music to the next version (see above)

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