May 2006

springy thing in an old field

this play park has been closed and is gradually being reclaimed by nature. play parks which ban kids sad places

jane’s first race

jane did her first 10K race yesterday in preparation for the Windsor half marathon later this year. she did terrific and we were all very proud.
as this was really part of her bigger training for September, she tried various different techniques including this one, of running with her arms out like she was going to tickle the other competitors. she’ll do anything to give herself the edge over her competitors.

kezia in a tree trap

here is kezia in a tree trap. these things can close up at any moment, so she looks justifiably frightened


elderly persons in the vicinity

i love these old people signs which show a little old lady pushing an old man down the street. “you be careful dear” she’s shouting whilst pushing him over.
or is she tickling him ? or stealing his purse ?
great use of the word ‘vicinity’ too.