May 2006

hooky gate lock

you think the hooky thing is the gate lock ?
well, you’d be wrong. that’s the lifter end. shocking hey ?


i love how this rectangled picture doesn’t look rectangled

mister conehead

here are two fantastic pictures from regular commenter Rascle.
he writes (in the third person):
Rascle’s daughter works at a day-nursery. She doesn’t even look at FP but guess who frequents the nursery.
Mr Conehead does everything with the children!


cheesey film puns

we like a good pun here on funkypancake don’t we. so i was delighted to see this sign outside a shop selling cheese. you’ll probably need to click the picture for a closer look at the cheese films. the quality reduces as you get closer to the bottom.

watchers from above
two chaps up a cherry picker enjoying the view (cheeky cherry chaps perhaps)