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fancy pizza

it’s always nice to see a shopping list. this one was for a very fancy pizza – ham, bans (beans or bananas?), satsumas, grapes and cash (last two not to be confused with this)


6 thoughts on “fancy pizza”

  1. I would agree that it is more likely to be short for “bananas”. Although the writer forms their “a”s in different ways depending on the letter which follows, their “u” is consistent. What we are seeing here is a shortening of “bananas” caused by a common fear of getting into the “-nana” section and not knowing when (or how) to stop.

  2. I don’t think so. I would say that the writer of this list is literate and well organised. The nice oblique in the first line, the consistent use of capital letters and the neat spacing tell me this.
    The bananananas problem is, in my view, not associated with poor spelling.

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