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a good day for corporate freebies

here are some freebies i got yesterday from two different sources.
the mug on the right was ‘personalised’ which actually involved someone writting my name on it in a fat pen ! inside was this helpful note saying i needed to bake the mug if i wanted my name to remain on it. now where’s my kiln …
still, you shouldn’t look a gift house in the mouse.


2 thoughts on “a good day for corporate freebies”

  1. Domestic oven easily gets to 150C so ask Mrs FP what gas setting to use, or if electric it is in degC..
    I bet the sweeties didnt come with one missing!!!!!

  2. if you look carefully all the sweets are there.
    they all made it home successfully and were transfered to mrs FP’s stomach with great ease.
    in my head i was going to write about how in this do-it-yourself age a personalised corporate mug might actually be a wet blob of clay.
    which is why i was thinking of kilns. but i obviously missed that step in my written logic !

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