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funky radio

listen in !
funkypancake radio debut at 2.30pm UK time today (calculate local time here).


2 thoughts on “funky radio”

  1. Heard you on Radio Berkshire as I was driving across country today en-route from a job interview.
    Excellent site – enjoyed it a lot. Also enjoyed Radio Berkshire and your newly-married friend and her mate Phil… almost a reason to move to the “Royal County”, but perhaps not… 😉
    Have bookmarked the site… as I disappeared from the coverage area (think Radio Wiltshire kicked in :-() you were explaining the various ways people find your site… wonder how many have now come through “route 4 – radio (!)”….
    All the best!

  2. thanks for taking the time to leave a comment sean !
    great to have you with us, and glad you enjoyed the show. the visitor numbers did increase yesterday so the radio route is a valid 4th way.
    i’ll pass your comments on to Phil and Suzanne

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