celebrity wedding

yesterday we were privileged enough to get to go to the wedding of top celebrities Soose and Anders.

here they are looking for confetti love hearts that the children had hidden in some plant pots for them

and here are shoes as worn by the groom and a best man:

and here are the bride’s shoes:

Soose was one of the finalists on Pop Idol

Andrew is the drummer with Pure Reason Revolution

and finally the groom’s parents who are also our daughters’ prayer parents which makes them prayer sister-in-laws to soose i guess ?

there were a few more ‘celebrities’ there, including someone totally cool who’d you’d never guess, but i’ll post them up tomorrow … (now here)
so, it was a celebrity wedding, but it was also very definately a Christian wedding which is the most fantastic celebration of all !

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  1. you can. and to save you the time of asking, i’ll answer your question prospectively !
    we decided not to have esther and kezia baptised, as we’d like them to make that decision for themselves when they are older. but we did want to say thanks to God for them in a church service and we also wanted them to have God parents – ie people who would pray for them and look out for their spiritual interests as they grow up.
    Prayer parents are what we call those people !
    not sure where the phrase comes from, but i think it’s appropriate.

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