the lettuce leaf mystery

here’s a mystery. lettuce leaves and an umbrella. but why ?
i asked jane and she said “obvious. it was raining lettuce leaves”.
i honestly hadn’t thought that might be the reason. what other explanations are there ?


3 thoughts on “the lettuce leaf mystery”

  1. Mutant angels that take on the form of rabbits decided that they were sick of eating lettuce and that humans should have to deal with it more than in just salads. They threw all their lettuce down to Earth in the middle of the night, and someone who was getting off of work on the graveyard shift saw this amazing show. He pulled out his umbrella so as not to be attacked by the large masses of lettuce falling down. Then it suddenly stopped when the angel-rabbits realised that there was someone down there, and the man threw his umbrella on the sidewalk, convinced that he was going stir-crazy. He very quickly continued home and called up a psychiatric hotline.
    That, or, you know, someone dropped their salad down from a window overhead, and the man got freaked out.
    =) I have an over-active imagination. It gets worse.

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