July 2005

jaunty bin

here is a jaunty bin sent by vin. it’s vin’s bin. vin’s jaunty vin.
it is very good ! you might need to click it for the big version to get the full effect.

hanging baskets

there’s one particular street where i get lots of these street flower photos.

the other day i realised why. and as a result i got a lot of the photos in one go


i’m not going to Live8 today but plenty of other people are. the venue is the same place as the Wireless festival was held in earlier this week (so you’ll know about the secret watching place).
if you stood by this crossing with really strong binoculars you’ll probably get knocked out the way by thousands of people going to the concert, but if you managed to stand still and looked down your binos you’ll see the screen at the side of the stage.
you might have to click on the picture to see what i mean on this (unless you’ve got a massive monitor)


an appropriate junctor

have you been waiting for an appropriate junctor ? well. here’s a pretty good one, observed from a tall building

goodbye laura

long time readers of funkypancake will remember Laura the receptionist who once caused a medical emergency in the office when she cut her finger a tiny bit on a piece of paper.
i haven’t seen her for ages as she now works in a different building, but she emailed today to say she’s going to work for a different company and wanted to say goodbye to all the funkypancake viewers.
she’s says she’s still not completely famous, but is working on it. she sent me this photo to post of her. so, goodbye and goodluck Laura !

telco john

what kind of people do i work with you ask ?
people like telco john is the answer.

british summertime

three hearty hoorahs for british summer time
hip hip – hoorah
hip hip – hoorah