July 2005


it’s a long way to tipperary, but if you do go you should look out for this dog sign. a standard north european dog picture, but with some nice local information around it.
i like the way it makes it clear it’s addressed to the dog owners rather than the dogs themselves.
this photo was sent to me by Jenny (a great artist – check out her webpage).
She says “Here’s one from a B&B in Ireland – the woman who ran the place was very stern, and one of the other patrons nicknamed her “The Warden” — this is a sign out front of the property”

underground excitement

i saw this spectacle this morning which had no news interest. it was simply a fire scare or something.
i liked how this sign says “there is a good service on all lines” then also says “emergency. do not enter”.

but there quite a lot of firemen about (you can see them on the road if you click the picture)

and a red fire-engine and some red buses

live8 after

we saw it before, now see it after

zoomy inny:

and here’s another one from Hyde Park the next day:

mmmm. new camera

i feel like such a grown up. just got a Canon EOS350D for non-everyday photography. delicious.
now i’ve got to learn about proper photography and looking down the little hole instead of the telly thing on the back.

milk shake

here’s a milk drink in the same place as the champagne a few days earlier.

no spitting

this isn’t a slippery floor sign as such, but if people did spit then it would be slippery so i think it counts.


sound advice

whilst playing in the band on sunday morning i looked across at our sound man and noticed he had a line of kids lined up observing his every move.
i suspect it was some kind of masterclass for the next generation of PA operators. average age was about 6 i think so plenty of opportunity for them to get the hang of it !

awared winning cake

i woke up this morning to the smell of chocolate cake being cooked. it was esther baking a cake for her school fete.
esther did all the cooking herself and it won first prize for the best cake. it tasted absolutely fantastic so no wonder it won.

kezzy on a sea-saw

the sea’s a liquid so why does it need a saw ?
broken joke requring punchline: why did the sea saw ?