fishing on a stick by some powerlines


5 thoughts on “fishing on a stick by some powerlines”

  1. what is this in real? my imagination tells me some interesting stories … but to be honest, sometimes i would like to know the true story. Does anyone know??

  2. i know and the truth is a bit too boring. so best leave it to your imagination.
    you can share your imaginings with us if you like though

  3. In former times, when London was an area full of woods, there was a lake in one part. This brave man went to catch some fish for his horse (at that time there were lots of sea horses used for riding). He was very sticky to his duties! Because he didn’t catch one, he decided to stay there until good results. That’s why he is still there and will be for ever because meanwhile the forest is gone, the lake is gone, but – you know – he sticks very much to his duties.

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