three birthday candles and a cactus

i’m sure there’s a witty pun or comedy connection i’m missing here.


4 thoughts on “three birthday candles and a cactus”

  1. If there’d been four candles I could have done something unoriginal with that :¬) but how about this? (Cert PG, contains mild smut and awful puns)
    Cactus: Hey, girls, you look like someone’s blown you out. Wanna party with me?
    1st Candle: Feelin’ thorny, Mr C?
    Cactus: Yowza! You girls are wicked!
    2nd Candle: That’s right. We all got wicks!
    3rd Candle: But you ain’t dippin’ yours, Mr C! C’mon, girls, let’s go wax our legs!

  2. Scene 2
    Cactus: Wait! You won’t regret it – I’m one of Hollywood’s highest-paid cactus. I’ll share my pot with you.
    1st Candle: Yeah, right! I’ve been burned before. I dated a cigarette once. We were well-matched, but he lied to me all the time.
    3rd Candle: Yeah, for a while I was in love with a Swan Vestas – he was so matcho!
    Cactus: But how could a cigarette lighter you?
    1st Candle: He told me he was worth a packet, but he was just a cheap roll-up. I tried to stub him out, but he said he would damage my health.
    2nd Candle: What happened?
    1st Candle: He got smoked by a gang of teenagers.
    2nd Candle: What a drag.
    1st Candle: I kept his ashes, though.
    Cactus: Why?
    1st candle: Well, he may have been a bad lot, but he had a cute butt!

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