bulldog clip

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  1. My english it’s not the best, but I visit your page/blog and I think is good, I have one question for you, I hope you can ask this to me, what camera are using to take this pics? I want to buy one so… I want quality pics, like you take.
    Sorry about my english, I hope you can understand this message.
    Federico, from Buenos Aires.

  2. it’s a sony W12 cybershot
    as seen here:
    amazon have them on limited availability here:
    before that i used a Sony Cybershot DSC-P71
    whilst my W12 was in the menders i used jane’s Casio Exilim z40 (again this is on limited availability)
    it’s probably more about taking silly shots than having lots of megapixels. i rarely post pictures full sized on the blog !
    my Sony camera is good for colours and dynamic range and controlability though so i did miss it when it was away !
    all that said, i’d absolutely love a Canon EOS350D if anyone is feeling generous.

  3. tkyou! now I know what tipe of camera I want.
    Your blog it’s really cool, gonna do “propaganda” in Bs As, so check and take one to dedicate to the people from here, something about Maradona 😉 or something, thankyou and keep posting pics.

  4. It has to be said, so it might as well be me says it:
    I would keep well clear of a bulldog tied up with one of these clips.
    I’m sure it would escape.

  5. it looks like this clip has already escaped.
    i’d be more worried about the dog escaping if i was you rascle !

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