here’s my college walter on the other side of my office window. reflected in the window are a load of satellite dishes on the other side of the road.
the picture is a blind picture in that it’s a picture of a blind, but also you can’t really see what it is.

tenuously linked is the fact that our talk in church on sunday morning was about Jesus giving sight to the blind from birth bloke. the miracle itself was cool, but what happened after is equally fascinating.
i recommend you read it here (via Dave Bish‘s website)

3 thoughts on “blind”

  1. I’ve never heard of Walter College. What courses does he offer? The name ‘Bish’ makes me smile, too. In the ‘Jennings’ stories by Anthony Buckeridge the boys were always saying ‘frightful bish’, meaning ‘horrendous mistake’.

  2. Dave – thanks for the link.
    Vin, glad the name amuses! I quite like being a bit unique… just a derivation from Bysshe (as in Percy Bysshe Shelley)

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