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no cameras, no dogs

here’s a sign from the belgian design museum. you’d expect it to be good, but this is most excellent.

they had two giant posters of airport signage on display in a special exhibition but there was no photography inside which was a shame. you’ll just have to visit yourself.
not visit yourself. visit the museum. visiting yourself would be slightly odd. unless you were a timetraveller. but even that would be odd, unless you were going forward in time in which case you’d already know you were a timetraveller and it would be less odd.
but what is this ? a cat with its eyes closed drinking through a straw ?

1 thought on “no cameras, no dogs”

  1. Now there is an interesting thought.
    When we go across to France, there a lot of very large Pylons carrying electricity wires.
    I haven’t got a picture, but in my family we all think that they look like ginormous cats.
    Anyone thought the same, or got picture?

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