funkypancake music

Total volume of music on my computer:
I use Napster To Go so only tend to rip my more obscure CDs on to my PC (about 4GB’s worth).
If you’ve got Napster you can search my Library (member name funkypancake) which now has around 45,000 tracks in it.
i dump around 5GB of these at a time on to my Zen Micro and listen to them day and night.
Playing right now:
The Fall War Against Intelligence

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

Mind Train, Yoko Ono
Sister Ray, Velvet Underground
I Think I’m In Love, Spiritualised
Rasputin, Boney M (our wedding first dance tune)
Gordoni Mix – Brakes on mix, Air
The last CD i bought
i’m just loving anything faust at the moment.
Radio Stations I listen to:
Radio 2 (Mark Radcliffe)
Resonance for potluck
where next ?
i’m working my way through the Record Collector 100 Greatest British Psychedelic Records. It’s pleasantly surprising how many of these are on Napster !

thanks to russell davies for asking me to do this (i quite enjoyed it in the end)
i’m not going to pass this on specifically to 5 other people, but if any other readers have a blog and want to tell everything then let me know !