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April 2005

the campaign trail

i’m proud to say i haven’t mentioned next week’s election on funkypancake and i plan not to either (d’oh).
here was a bus parked in paddington station. i’ll be interested in how much politics i come in to contact with in the next week (other than the usual media – papers/posters/leaflets/telly etc).
here’s a labour van at paddington station.
bus driver: “polling station ? i thought you said paddington station”


brother-in-law kev sent me this picture of a sign:
and it reminded me of this which i saw on the beach in norfolk:
is it a flag ? no. it’s some pants:

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service information

i knew things were bad, but not this bad on the underground.
click to read it big


here is a man dressed up as summer:

he had quite an effect on people around him. click this picture for a big version to see people’s expressions:

the globe theatre

have you ever been to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London ? you should do, especially when it’s free (like it was yesterday for Shakey’s birthday):

the inside is quite amazing (unless you stand in the middle in which case you get wet on rainy days):

and there was plenty of entertainment:

st george’s day

it was st george’s day yesterday. english people have a bizarre relationship with their nationality.
we have two versions of national pride – football hooligan nationalistic madness and handkerchief waving dancing craziness. i definitely prefer this latter version (though we experienced both yesterday on our trip to london)
flying hanky people:

HMS Belfast

esther and i had a daughter/dad day in london yesterday. after the Globe we went for lunch in a restaurant then we went to HMS Belfast.
there was lots of climbing up and down ladders and i got all confused on the kids quiz. it’s a bit of a weird thing to be a tourist attraction, especially for little kids, but it’s what esther wanted to do.
in the end she decided it was a grown-ups version of ‘soft play’.


esther and jane in a daffodil field.

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