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i did it !

i did it. official time was 6:12 which i was quite pleased with.
i think i had around 15 minutes of ‘stoppages’ including waiting 5 -10 minutes for a potty kid to get me a plaster in the first aid section, and having to leave the course to buy a bottle of water from a local shop when they ran out of the free stuff (because i was so far behind at the start). then there was the mid-marathon toilet queue which was a few more minutes …
my knees were fine (hoorah for the power of prayer) but my feet no longer look like they did this morning !
i took around 170 photos so expect plenty more marathon photos and stories over the next few days.
but for now, here’s a self portrait somewhere around the 18 mile mark (around the time of my medical pitstop – the grin hides the pain)
thanks everyone for your generous sponsoring – it really kept me going !