funkypancake makes the national media

can you believe it, but funkypancake is featured in a national magazine this month !
Dogs Today magazine has done a special feature on dog signs and funkypancake features quite heavily (thanks to Mark the journalist for the excellent write-up)
you must rush out and buy a copy. it’s the May 205 issue you want, priced £3.50 (three and a half pond starling)
and there’s a rather nice quote i shall treasure:
“[funkypancake] has a lust and zeal for life and all its quirks that those with far fewer worries in the world could be quite jealous of. From the mundane to the mad, the interesting to the absurd, [he] captures moments and objects that few of us ever notice … and perhaps don’t need to.”

here’s the article in full (you’ll have to buy a copy if you want to read it all!):