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what a difference a day makes

i took this photo of two bollards having a chat in the street yesterday morning. one had a januty hat, and i suspect they were talking about something but it seemed rude to stop and listen.
this morning it was a different story. the two of them looked quite stand-offish. i noticed there was a christmas tree between them so perhaps that’s relevant.
i suspect old jaunty-hat wanted to have it up all year round, but no-hat didn’t want to. i once had a christmas tree up for three years. but then i took it down.


2 thoughts on “what a difference a day makes”

  1. It’s a mystery! The plot thickens…what were they discussing? What caused the rift between them? Will they ever be friends again? Tune in tomorrow…..
    I hope they make up. I so hate to see friendships destroyed over paltry holiday squabbles.

  2. oh dear. i’m not going past them until next monday thanks to meetings in different bits of london.
    if anyone happens to walk down Queen Anne Street, could they please check on them. they are on the south west corner of the junction with either Wimpole Street or Harley Street (yes, that Harley Street)

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