jesus’ mum calms the storm

i went in to this church last time i was in brussels and saw this fantastic statue stuck up by a window. my attempts to photograph it failed last time, so i tried especially hard this time.
here is jesus’ mum on a boat calming the storm. just as well the grown up jesus had his mum there to do all the miracles for him. she’s got jesus in one arm and a pepper grinder in the other !
DSC05416.jpg DSC05416b.jpg
read the actual story here

1 thought on “jesus’ mum calms the storm”

  1. MY mum makes busses come. yep, i can wait and wait and wait and wait for a bus … dig my cell out of my purse, ring up my mum … and there are the headlights in the distance. never fails. just plain eerie, that is!

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