esther’s poem about trains

DSC03808.jpg DSC03814.jpg
esther wrote a story about trains. it goes like this:
chuffa chuffa, choo choo, on the track
where are you going clickety clack
off to london, then we’re coming back
chuffa chuffa, choo choo, on the track
here are esther and kezia performing it for you. Download file (500K).


4 thoughts on “esther’s poem about trains”

  1. Oh my goodness! How darling is that? What a couple of dolls. You’ll have to do more videos in the future. I got a kick out of their accents, too.

  2. i believe that my expensive english degree qualifies my judgement that this is a MOST excellent poem! bravo girls … your performance was stunning.

  3. heh. i like the bit at the end when esther makes sure kezia doesn’t say anything and spoil the ‘take’.
    next time i’ll find somewhere with a bit more light to do my filming !

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