chocolate cake

i gave up chocolate nearly 4 weeks ago. but we went to a restaurant today and i decided (in advance) i wanted the chocolate cake. so i did.
i’ve been thinking about how to make the transition back to everyday life with the chocolate thing. i still need chocolate bars badly, but don’t have as much of an issue with cake.
so i’ve decided to stay away from chocolate biscuits and especially chocolate bars, but otherwise be a bit more flexible on cake and puddings (which i don’t often have anyway).
i felt a bit sick after this cake (which was huge) and i thought it was much too sweet. which is excellent news !
perhaps i’m finally kicking the habit …


3 thoughts on “chocolate cake”

  1. dave, i know exactly how you feel. i have quite a cheese weakness. hence the well-known expression “one man’s cheese is another man’s chocolate” or something like that…

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