travelling with kids

by now we will be heading back from our week’s holiday (did you miss me ?), so a topical post
how do you keep kids amused during long car journeys ? well, we find listening to CDs and tapes works well. Esther’s favourite are joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat, The Young Person’s Guide to the orchestra, various rockin’ kids church songs cds and story tapes.
on a recent trip to the north of england i agreed to sit in the back of the car with kezia whilst esther sat up the front. i borrowed jane’s CD player so i could listen to my own music. i also took two sets of headphones in case kezia didn’t want to be left out.
the first problem was kezia’s head was too small and speakers hung at her neck level. so i raise them up with her mouse toy. then she went all space age and wore them sideways.
then esther wanted to wear the other pair and they ended up jiggling away to BRMC whilst jane and i listened to winnie the pooh.
DSC02687.jpg DSC02691.jpg
but if you really want to be amazed, watch this and see what realy happens when the funkypancake family go on long car journeys. (it’s 392KB but is worth the short download – believe me!)