the wretch on the train

you know when they say “sorry, this train is delayed due to an aggressive passenger in one of the carriages. the transport police have been called” ? well that happened to me this evening. and the aggressive person was in my carriage.
it was actually a lady in her 50s who was stubonly refusing to pay her fine. she was more stroppy that aggressive but there was potential for passenger uprising when the ticket man tried to drag her off the station by pulling her handbag and at one point taking her luggage off the train !
then some of the other passengers shouted “oi, you can’t steal that woman’s bags” and another shouted “throw her off, i’m not subsidising non-payers”.
he then went and sat next to her and kept repeating “you are very annoying. get off the train” in a voice which was cross between a robot and monty python. eventually she paid her fine when the fuzz turned up.
so, not only was my journey to london pointless it was also filled with excitement like seeing duran duran and seeing a stroppy middle aged woman.
here she is walking down the platform when she finally got to her destination. i didn’t dare use the flash. but the picture sums up how most of the train was feeling.
erk. too many words in this post. sorry.