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flash mob opera and my first national TV appearance

i had another late night at work (this time a company 10th birthday party) so i arrived at paddington at around 8.30pm. i didn’t know it at the time but they were recording a live opera in amongst the random commuters in paddington station (see BBC site here)
i had 4 minutes before i got the train so whizzed through the crowds and just caught my train.
i got these photos (vision man, orchestra by the sushi bar and camera man):
DSC03336.jpg DSC03337.jpg DSC03341.jpg
on the train i read my paper and noticed in the TV guide they were doing a live flash mob opera at a mystery location, and realised that’s what i’d just seen.
it went out live on BBC 3 TV 8-9pm but they repeated it again 10-11pm and i just go back in time. so i got to see my bald head go by for a split second on the TV. i even managed to take a photo of the telly when it was on. here it is (i’m the bright white bit on the bottom right of this photo):
on the telly we saw that alan yentobb, so i missed a celebrity photo opportunity. and there must have been the BBC concert orchestra lorry somewhere too. oh well.
update: our friend steve was there too (see here). also, in the morning i’d seen them setting up (see here)

2 thoughts on “flash mob opera and my first national TV appearance”

  1. thanks alot chum, finally been able to find a picture that will accompany my media write up on the opera. matt

  2. my pictures here aren’t great so i assume you’ve got some nices ones from the BBC site.
    but if you want bigger versions of my pictures above (so you can photoshop them nicer) then drop me an email saying which ones you want.

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