clive and heather

esther has a book called What Do People Do All Day?. it’s very good and makes you wonder … what people do all day.
our friends heather and clive run a professional chauffeur company called Executive Direct and transport people all over the place. clive was particularly excited this morning to tell me all about his new car, which seems more like a luxury ocean liner than a taxi.
i used to have a picture of it here, but i removed it for copyright reasons (related to archiving)


2 thoughts on “clive and heather”

  1. I remember “What do People do all Day?” by Richard Scarry. My wee brother had it, and it is one of these books that have detailed pictures – so much going on that you can see different things. Great for reading and for teaching children to read.
    Also, great for wondering “what happened next?” to some of the animals in each picture.
    It must be a little dated now, as this was very much pre computers, so I guess web-designers and the like don’t feature.
    Or blog writers.

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