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church camouflage

faith and religion are two slightly different things. faith is what people believe whilst religion is too often about ceremony and self-effort.
the cool thing about christianity is that there’s nothing we can do ourselves to earn our way in to God’s favour. this can be annoying as it means all those nice things you do to help people don’t count for anything in terms of getting in to Heaven. But it’s actually fantastic news as none of us would have been good enough anyway.
what am i on about ? dunno. but i was thinking about how people get in the way of religion. i’m always concerned when i play music in church that i can easily distract people from whatever God is trying to tell people by being too loud or playing my comedy bass riffs. so how can people leading the church service become ‘invisible’ so only God and his word becomes visible to people ?
well, may be here is the answer. It’s Mark and he was doing the reading today. i noticed he was camouflaged against the church. his shoes, trousers and jacket all matched the surrounding step, wall and hymn boards. he was getting as close to being physically invisible as he could have been (without physically being somewhere else)


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