old toys

when we were in scotland we visited jane’s aunt who excavated a number of old toys for esther and kezia to play with. it turned in to more of a trip down memory lane.
here are two generic people who most people our-ish age will probably recognise.
i’m not sure what kind of person this is:
but this is a playmobil one:
check out the playmobil site and observe the strange floating heads


5 thoughts on “old toys”

  1. Ah! Playmobil! I still have a playmobil circus and safari set, complete with elephants and a big circus ring. Its great!

  2. we still have a playmobil helicopter here.
    Anyone remember the weebles? Wee people with a big ball bearing in their circular base, so that when you pushed them over, they sprang up again. Like playmobil, there were weeble garage sets, weeble farms etc.
    endless fun

  3. yeah. i remember them. we even had one which always fell down (and never stood up) which was a bit weird.
    “weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

  4. the first person looks like a fisher price person to me. i had a lot of this kind of stuff as a small child.
    fisher price people were all round like this one and all their chairs, cars, etc, had handy round holes in them so they could easily slot into place whatever the occasion. i particularly enjoyed my fisher price garge, i think there was also a little tiny hole in each car to put imaginary petrol in. happy days!

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