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i’m loving this album

i’ve been listening to this album all day whilst doing some particularly tedious excel work. belle and sebastian are great. Totally mellow yet kinda upbeat and poppy too. and great lyrics. a true indie band in the olden sense of the foppish word.
if you don’t know them you should make it your business to find out.
by the way, Dan spotted a bollard on the site, which has now been confirmed


3 thoughts on “i’m loving this album”

  1. Because I’ve got a dodgy Citroen CD player I’ve got to know the first three tracks really well.
    Why can’t Citroen CD players remember which track was playing when you park?
    It would seem that our music tastes are not that far apart nowadays.

  2. i don’t know if our music tastes were ever that far apart. i remember car journeys in to leicester in the last 1980s with the windows wide open playing random beepy house music and thinking it was quite cool.
    of course i was a late teenager myself then so i wouldn’t have said anything like that at the time !

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