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more treasure

i spotted this little gold coin just along from where i found the jewel . it looks like a little roman coin. perhaps the wet weather washed it up from some underground long lost Roman settlement below the streets of london.
DSC04564.jpg DSC04568.jpg

7 thoughts on “more treasure”

  1. I hope you kept this bit of treasure! I’m sure that Reading museum would help and identify it for you.

  2. it might just be a playing piece from a game.
    but now you mention it, it does look a bit like the stuff they sell in the gift shop in the Reading Museum though.

  3. On a closer look, there appears to be an owl on the reverse of the coin…Owls feature on the reverse of Greek euros, so maybe its an ancient greek coin! (Did the Greeks actually invade England?! Did they have money?!)

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