more post office woe

i was lucky enough to be able to spend half an hour in a post office today. i’ve written about my love of post offices before but each experience makes me want to write more.
i came prepared for this visit with some chocolate and an ice cool drink and happily chatted with my queue-neighbour for the 20 minutes it took to reach the cashier desks. i suspect the hot and airlessness is a ploy to kill a few customers off before they get served so the queues are shorter.
i was amazed to see this display for BT Broadband Internet. BT and the Post Office used to be the same nationalised company a few decades ago so it was nice they are working together in this way. Unfortunately their advert says “hurry, offer ends 2th June 2004” so it was over a month out of date which was most appropriate for the post office.
when i eventually got to a cashier the man told me off for arriving at his window too soon. “i didn’t press my button” he said. “well press it now” I said.
he looked me in the eyes, paused, then pressed his button. we were off !
there’s more to this story, but this isn’t a text blog so i’ll end it there.