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take them bowling

it was bowling this evening. not entirely what i expected. bowling is all about cardboard shoes. but this was in a pub. so it should have been about throwing mishapen chunks of wood.
but this being the south of england it was about throwing small round balls (about the size of a baseball i think) at 9 sticks of wood. you have to put them back up yourself if someone knocks them down too.
anita organised it (very efficiently):
and here is everyone eating:
DSC03459.jpg DSC03461.jpg


5 thoughts on “take them bowling”

  1. it was a church music, sound team and over head projector operator and spouses thing.
    jane won the prize for the best bowler and her team won.
    she also leads the music team. draw your own conclusion.

  2. I love that church teams can meet in pubs with no stigma. Not as likely in Yankeeland.
    But bowling in a pub? Sounds like a lot of broken glass potential.

  3. i think one of the best things about bowling is that it is pretty much the only time in life where you are forced to wear DISGUSTING shoes that a bazillion other people have worn and sweated in before you have.

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