sunday funday

sunday usually involves lots of time at church for us, especially if we are doing music. today we left the house at 8.15am and got back at 12.15 because we had two seperate practices for two future events.
esther and kezia are always fantastic at playing and just getting on with stuff, and today was no exception. so we offered them a treat. esther chose mcdonalds, so that’s what we did.
this afternoon we went for what is becoming a traditional sunday afternoon bike ride (see here and here). on the way, our friend Gill popped her head out of a passing car window and invited us round to her house for a refreshing drink.
here is esther and adam playing whilst we refreshed ourselves with our hot beverages of choice.


4 thoughts on “sunday funday”

  1. i would pick mcdonald’s too.
    one time i was in wal-mart and there were these two parents pushing twin girls in strollers and one twin looked at the man and said “daddy, I love you”, and the other twin looked at the woman and said “mommy, i love you,” and the man said “just for that kids, we’re going to take you to mcdonald’s!”
    i thought it was a very tv-commercial moment. except there were no cameras around.

  2. that’s a great story and you are right, it would make a great advert. perhaps it was a personalised advert, sponsored by McD’s, just for you ?
    “if you love me i’ll give you burgers” is a nice incentive for kids to love their parents, but i wonder if it’s a good long terms strategy ?
    Unconditional love seems a better long term option to me !
    but burgers are very good …

  3. you can usually bribe a kid with a burger, but not always with unconditional love. i think i’d pick the unconditional love option now over a burger, now that i’m smarter and know it has less calories. 😉

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