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stolen lighter

lynda hasn’t got a camera. but she does have a husband. and he has got a camera. so he took this photo of a prison lighter which she found in the street.
these are probably fairly exclusive items available only to crims who’ve been banged up. alternatively, perhaps there’s a prison gift shop where you can buy this kind of merchandise when you get discharged to remind you of your time in side ?
they probably also give you a carriage clock engraved with the words “I did my time between [insert dates here]”.

1 thought on “stolen lighter”

  1. now look what you’ve done! i hac to do a search for prison gift shop and i came up with this:
    and a few others that i will explore after this comment is posted. angola has a special place in my heart. we had to take tours of it in high school. catholic high school. they made us wear our uniforms. the words i heard that day. 75 15 year old girls in catholic school uniforms traipsing through a maximum security prison …

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