heinz wolf

i bumped in to Heinz Wolf this evening as i left a work meeting. he was heading south from Barbican station and i asked him if i could take his photo. he said “yes, if you can tell me where something or other square is”
i said yes, took his photo then we looked at his AtoZ and we both went on our ways.
i’ve mentioned before i’m a man of science and that’s partly because of his influence when he did the Great Egg Race on telly when i was a nipper.

(by the way in the last week i’ve also stood next to Steve Wright (radio 2 DJ) in the street and Tim Burgess of the Charlatans in a record shop. I wasn’t 100% sure they were who i thought they were at the time so i didn’t take a photo, so sorry about that. i’m pretty sure they really were them though. ooops)
update: thanks to tony for pointing out that Heinz was on the BBC website today. great quote:

Heinz Wolff is a self-confessed boffin, and the affable professor is quite proud of it. When asked to define exactly what a boffin is, he pauses, and then says, “Well, I am one.
“It isn’t a negative word,” he says. “It is no more negative than egghead. It describes a person of some intellectual ability, who has unconventional ideas.”