a day in the life of

it’s a working from home day today and i’ve got tomorrow off work, so i thought i’d try a 24 hours photo thing. me or a bit of me (eg finger) will appear in each photo and i’ll take them around 5 minutes past the hour. i’ll keep updating and moving this entry throughout the day.
jane was questioning why there aren’t any truely awful pictures of me on the blog. so here’s more than my quota’s worth.
update: the day is done. i’ve taken my last photo (11.05). i’m tired and am going to bed.
here’s my first photo of being awake this morning at 4am. for those that didn’t see my commentary at the time i prepared my face by wiping my teeth dry and ‘sticking’ my lips in the horrible smiley configuration you see here.
so what have i learned ?

well. i knew i was ugly, but i hadn’t realised just how bad i am. i also realised there some stuff i don’t want to blog like me being asleep ! i much prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it.
photos by hour (photos start with being asleep at 12.05am):
DSC03022.jpg DSC03020.jpg DSC03014.jpg DSC03013.jpg
DSC03012.jpg DSC03009.jpg DSC03007.jpg DSC03006.jpg
DSC02982.jpg DSC02977.jpg DSC02976.jpg DSC02975.jpg
DSC02973.jpg DSC02972.jpg DSC02971.jpg DSC02960.jpg
DSC02958.jpg DSC02957.jpg DSC02955.jpg DSC02954.jpg
DSC02952.jpg DSC02951.jpg DSC02950.jpg DSC02949.jpg
23 (pootling) 22 (putting bins out) 21 (chatting) 20 (inspecting camera)
19 (bedtime routine) 18 (eating ice cream) 17 (preparing tea) 16 (travelling)
15 (maze) 14 (working) 13 (working) 12 (lunch)
11 (working) 10 (working) 9 (briefly joined by kezia) 8 (family breakfast)
7 (hot water break) 6 (working) 5 (working) 4 (up and working)
3 (asleep) 2 (asleep) 1 (asleep) 12 (asleep)
i could blame the wide angle lense for my distorted features whilst asleep, but i think this is what i look like normally.


11 thoughts on “a day in the life of”

  1. you will be hard pressed to find a more giddy dave than 4.05am. must be the rejuvenative powers of a mug of steaming hot water.

  2. Taking pictures of yourself at midnight, 1am, 2am and 3am strikes me as being above and beyond the call of duty. I can’t think that Jane’s cousin would be very happy to have a flash going off hourly at that time of night.
    By the way, you don’t sleep much do you?

  3. Oh yeah, and the teeth thing… A la Daisy and Tim in Spaced Series I episode I? We’re big Spaced fans. Saw “Shaun of the dead” the other day. Marvellous film. V. Silly.

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