tower of london

i’ve never been to the tower of london. i know others have and have said it’s very good. here is a photo of it from when i popped out of Tower Hill tube station earlier.


3 thoughts on “tower of london”

  1. I’ve been to the Tower of London twice and it’s really a great time. The beefeaters are just a stitch! It’s been one of the high points the two times I’ve been to England. It’s got history, comedy, murder, a secret entrance, imprisonment, kings and queens, and a nice gift shop. Oh–and a terrific view of the Tower Bridge.

  2. oh, you MUST go. if they’re still showing the jewels, peek in and look. amazing. my favorite thing was sitting in the window where anne boleyn carved her initials while waiting to … you know.
    and the ravens! big ben wasn’t as big as i thought he’d be, but the ravens were MUCH larger. oooh, and the torture chamber.
    yes, you must go. and bring your camera!

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