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nigel havers

remember nigel havers ? well i saw him again today. in paddington station this time. he’s my most photographed spotted celebrity. (i’ve seen Simon Pegg three times and Dennis Norden three times, but only snapped them once each). Nigel’s IMDB entry is here

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i had an interesting journey home this evening. First of all i had a comedy chap with a jovial drunk at Borough tube station. he was harmless and bonkers and i enjoyed his company.
then on my Bakerloo train two very angry and very toothless drunk people got on and started shouting in a different language at people in the carriage so i got off and waited for the next train. this proved a good plan as there was an announcement on my second train saying we were being delayed at Edgware Road because of an incident on my original train …
so i walked from Edgware Road down to Paddington and on the way found a man in a wheel chair stuck down a hole in the pavement. his electrically powered vehicle refused to propel him as he was at the wrong angle. i ended up lifting his chair (and him) down the street a bit so he was on the flat and could self power again !
finally, when i got to paddington i went to upgrade my mobile phone which said it cost £10 in the brochure but thanks to progress had now increased to £120, so i didn’t bother.
just when i thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre, along came old nigel havers

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  1. Hey, Mr pancake, what’s happenend to the stuff down the right hand side of the page in the pink box – the survey, the links to other blogs etc?

  2. it seems ok to me. sometimes it arrives a little later as the poll comes from another site.
    and there aren’t any right hand box things on the individual entries as i haven’t set that up. i might do at some point in the future.
    for now it only appears on the index page.

  3. Oh well, maybe its my computer being funny with me…but on the main index page I have about an inch of the pink box/margin on the right and thats it! And I am being patient and waiting for a little while… Sorry, I don’t mean to pick at things, I really do like you site!

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