guess the animal

we went to Polesden Lacey today. we went last easter too. there was no chalk fire engine this time.
however, there was this funny little animal which popped out of a clump of grass next to where we were having a picnic. it was shaped abit like a mini-squirrel but without the tail and was very jumpy. it was also quite ferret like.
we’ve not a clue what it was. any thoughts ? i managed to get some photos of it as it popped it’s head up. it was quite small and far away, hence the poor resolution:
DSC02180.jpg DSC02182.jpg
update: as sandi spotted, it’s probably a weasel:
here and here
oh dear. but now i’m not sure if it was actually a Stoat.
Apparently, “the stoat is sometimes mistaken for its close relative, the weasel, but it is larger and has a distinctive black tip to its tail, whereas the weasel’s tail is all brown”. we have no tail pictures to investigate. i don’t think i saw black on the tail.
if it were a weasel, perhaps it tricked us