beyond huggin

when the huggin gets nasty it turns in to wrestling.

2 thoughts on “beyond huggin”

  1. What about Hanging Sword Alley on the East side of Whitefriars Street, just south of Fleet Street?
    Also, “Neckinger” in SE1 makes me wonder if there was once an ‘R’ in between the K and I !! Did you know that ‘Nunhead’, just east of Peckham, derives from the fact that a head Nun lost her head by the sword for refusing to budge when King Henry the whatsit sent his louts to shut down the monasteries. Her lifeless head was mounted on a pole and displayed for all the villagers to see. Whilst she sacraficed herself for the cause, all the other nuns legged it down secret tunnels that came out in various parts of Peckham. Oh, and here’s another strange streetname from Peckham: “Green Hundred Road”… and to go with the Huggin Court theme, I rather like Hurry Close in E15.

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