an old misery

i don’t often get angry about things or people, but this woman does cause me much mirth / annoyment (depending on my mood).
i have a standard response to her rudeness which generally works well in most situations of potential confrontation. i say “thank you, have a really lovely evening”. today she went too far and i didn’t say anything.
i approached, paid her my 40 pence, went to extract my paper from her claw-like grip and she looked me in the eyes and said “never do that again”.
“pardon ?” i said
“NEVER give me copper coins. i don’t want them. never do that again”
my mistake had been to include two 2 pence coins and one 1 pence coin in my money.
so, i shall save up all my 1 pence pieces and make a special purchase of my 40 pence paper next week. i may even be ready with my camera:
and here she is close up:
she is the complete opposite of this man


4 thoughts on “an old misery”

  1. what a misery of a cow she looks. poor thing. i think you should leave her alone. don’t tease her. it’ll only make her face droop *more. give her a pound and tell her to keep the change. just once. *then* take a picture. i’d be happier to see her smile.

  2. I was with a friend who bought an Evening Standard from a guy off Picadilly Circus. “How much is that?” he asked. “40p”. So he put two 20p coins down. “40p” the vendor repeated. Obviously some tourists will keep on giving money until he stops saying “40p”.

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