toys on lorries

it’s quite common to see kids’ soft toys stuck to the front of dustbin lorries. i suspect this must traumatise some kids – especially if it was their old favourite toy which was stuck on there.
teddy bears were never designed for the outside life and rapidly become brown soggy blobs of fluff through all the heavy street wear. they so provide a nice contrast to the bin men who put them there though. it proves these most menly of men (you rarely see bin ladies) still keep in touch with their femine side.
i may mention this next time i see such a bin lorry. but i may not.
this collection of teddys, dolls and union jacks was on a delivery van. i hope this craze will spread to all modes of transport, and not only restrict itself to commercial vehicles.


9 thoughts on “toys on lorries”

  1. From a technical point of view, the more soft toys they strap to the radiator grill the more susceptible to overheating the vehicle becomes, especially at the slow, walking pace speed that bin lorries travel at whilst loading.
    As more and more bin lorries break down, the more rubbish will pile up in the streets.
    If this practice was extended to all commercial vehicles soft toys could be the downfall of the nation.

  2. i like your analysis.
    but surely the answer to this is just to drive faster ?
    true there would be more likelyhood of crashes.
    but these would be less fatal as the front of the cars will be nice and soft.

  3. But the bin men would have to run with the rubbish to keep up with the lorry. I don’t think running is part of the job description.

  4. Tim's dad's Pete's son Tim

    Our binmen run. I don’t think a nice stroll through the countryside is in a binman’s nature, maybe this over-rides the not running?

  5. aha – now we have an interesting situation.
    peter says his binmen don’t run.
    but tim, son of pete, sees the same bin men and he claims they don’t run.
    so how can that be ?
    perhaps pete is running himself and views them moving at the same speed and assumes they are stationary ?
    or perhaps the bin men are scared of tim and run away when he approaches them ?
    or perhaps it’s the definition of ‘running’ which we are having problems with here. maybe tim’s threshold is slower.
    i propose they speak directly to each other and come back with a consensus position.

  6. in canada the older vehicles all have cardboard adhered to the front of their grills. this always perplexed me. something to do with keeping the heat in.
    stuffed animals sounds much nicer. i have never seen this phenomenon.

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